Case Study Coffee Crew: Bre Lloyd

The way she tells it, Bre Lloyd has been an understated part of Portland's coffee culture for nigh on a decade. But her history with the City of Roses goes much further back--she moved here at age 5 and grew up in the Sabin neighborhood of Northeast. Though her family moved to Corvallis, she ran away from home at 15 and drifted back to Portland where, she says, her first job off the streets was in coffee.

That coffee job (c. 2005) was at Coffeehouse NW, which became the seminal coffeehouse in Portland, first to serve Stumptown coffee on an espresso machine of choice, and eventually setting the bar high for Portland's coffee culture. Other shops Bre has anchored include The Red E in NE and Public Domain in SW. (On a side note, for the Public Domain job she was trained in coffee roasting, cupping, and evaluation, and she competed three times for the parent company, Coffee Bean International.)

Bre joined our family at Case Study Coffee over a year ago, and has been a solid presence at our downtown shop ever since. Today was her last day, sadly, but nobody as special as this lady leaves our family! She tells us that she'll be refocusing on her studies in biomedical engineerings--and keeping up with her Dungeons & Dragons group! (She is, by the way, "Dungeon Master" for this campaign, which is quite unusual in the male-dominated game.)

Bre, we're going to miss you. Don't be a stranger!

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