Events: Spring is in the Air

It seems as though spring as come early this year here in our beloved city. Daffodils are blooming on every street corner, cherry blossoms are taking over our Instagram feeds, and we are all soaking up as much of the sunshine as possible. We decided, while it is still technically winter, the weather has been calling us to debut our spring menu now. 

Photo by James Niewinski 

Cascara Soda

Cascara tea is a very traditional drink in coffee producing countries. This could be because cascara is thought of as a “by-product” or “un-marketable” waste that is left over from the processing of coffee beans after they are exported.  The name, Cascara, is given to the “husk”, or coffee cherry skins, that have been dried in the sun after the seed (coffee bean) has been removed.  A new interest has grown in this delicate, tea-like product, and we are pleased to continue to offer cascara as a hot beverage from our Winter Specials menu. However, we are also very excited to be adding a cold, soda based version of this tea. Come enjoy our new Cascara Soda: cascara tea that has been steeped into a sweetened concentrate, and combined with cool, refreshing soda water. As you sip this unique beverage, look for hints of peach and qualities of a cider-like finish to round out a perfect day in the sun.

Cascara Soda    //    Photo by James Niewinski

New Mexico Chile Mocha

New Mexico is known for its chiles; sweet, savory, and amazingly bold. We have taken these delicious chiles and made them into a mocha that is reminiscent of your favorite drinking chocolate. The slightest touch of our Madagascar vanilla helps bridge the flavor gap between the savory spiciness of the chiles and the bittersweet taste of the dark chocolate. For those of you who love spicy drinks, this is the perfect sweet and savory delight that is sure to brighten your day!

New Mexico Chile Mocha    //    Photo by Rachel Emery

Masala Latte

Cardamom and coriander are often described as great spices for springtime treats. Cardamom and coffee have been traditionally paired in Arabic cultures for centuries, and this style of coffee is usually accompanied by dates or other candied fruit. It is often offered as a ceremonial act of kindness and hospitality. Our Masala Latte (or spiced latte) has a warm, peppery, orange tone which comes from the coriander and is followed by the cool, resinous, heavily floral notes of the cardamom. We will gladly host you as you sip on this beautiful and ancient pairing and welcome the new growth of spring.

Cherry Blossom    //    Photo by Rachel Emery

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