Case Study Coffee Crew: Jessica

Jessica grew up in Boise, Idaho, but has called Portland home for the past 8 years. She originally got into the coffee scene knowing it would be a marketable trade upon moving to Portland. When asked why she stays, she says, "It's a service job that feeds and nourishes me. I like being a part of the community ritual and getting to know our regular customers. It’s super rewarding.”

Not only does Case Study Coffee have great staff and customers, but also top of the line equipment. The opportunity to work in such a quality environment gives Jessica a bit of a spoiled feeling. She loves the challenge of making macchiatos because they require perfect espresso, velvety milk, and precision technique. 

Jessica will be celebrating three years with the Case Study Coffee crew next month. While she loves keeping it weird in the city, it has been a dream of hers to one day live off the grid on a farm that will also serve as a birthing center. Jessica is beginning a year long doula certification program and is grateful to be part of a company that is supportive of her striving to make her dreams a reality.

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