Case Study Coffee Crew: Candyce

Slinging Coffee at our Sandy Shop

Candyce is a native Oregonian who has been in Portland for the past 7 years, aside from a brief 6 month stint in which she and her husband, Anthony, lived in Peru teaching English. While in Peru, they had an opportunity to spend some time on a coffee farm, and see the journey of delicious Peruvian coffee from seed to cup. It was one of the highlights of the trip. 

Candyce loves traveling abroad and plans to make her way to each continent over her lifetime. She is currently working on her Masters in counseling at Western Seminary. In her spare time, she enjoys bookbinding, running, swimming, reading and  participates in at least one triathlon each summer. 

Case Study Coffee is Candyce’s first coffee job and she loves it! She has been able to learn lots of intriguing information about coffee and loves continuing to build on that knowledge every day. Tasting coffee with others and sharing your personal taste experience creates a great sense of camaraderie with other people, and is a such fascinating experience. Once of her favorite aspects of coffee is that there is such a complex variety of flavors that a single cup can have inside it.

Besides getting to drink and learn about this amazing product, Candyce love getting to establish and maintain relationships with regular customers. “I love getting to share in parts of their lives with them. I just enjoy the time I spend here and the people I spend it with.”

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