Case Study Coffee Crew: Dylan McClain

Hailing from the town of Lawrence, Kansas, Dylan claims that his biggest accomplishment in life thus far was bringing home the Jr High Kansas State Chess Championship in 8th grade. When not slinging lattes or visiting other shops around town, he can be found spending time outside, whether hiking or tending his garden. Living life in the moment is what Dylan is all about. "Coffee, and gardening for that matter, is a way to be present. You can't do it right if you're not in the moment. There are too many details and opportunities that will be missed." He really loves getting the chance to connect and converse with someone over the coffee he is serving them. 

Like many others, Dylan got into the coffee business in order to pay the bills during school. Since moving here, he has come to realize what a special place the city of Portland is to participate in the coffee industry. “I love Portland as a coffee city. It’s taught me a lot about coffee. Past, present, and future. It’s an incredible backdrop for learning the business. And Case Study has really been built in this city by hand, wood-panel by wood-panel. I feel very fortunate to find my home here.”

Dylan is proud to work for Case Study Coffee because “We are ahead of the curve. We don't just hold ourselves to industry standards and trends but we do things, and do them well, because they are what our customers are looking for and we are really here for them.” For instance, if Dylan has taken your order, he has probably made you try a small spoonful of our hazelnut sauce. It's something people want and so we make it the best we possibly can.

Dylan is proud to be a part of the Case Study Coffee crew in which the customers are the top priority. "I think the best days of Case Study Coffee are still to come." With his forward thinking attitude and drive to always continue learning and improving quality, Dylan is an irreplaceable asset to the Case Study Coffee Crew and we are excited about what the future holds with him on our team.

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