Forest Park: All Trails Challenge

We love Forest Park. 

Photo by Christine Herman-Russell

This beautiful urban park is one of the many reasons we love Portland and we want to help keep it healthy. So we have taken the All Trails Challenge

Over the course of the next three months, the Case Study Coffee Crew has pledge to walk all 80 miles of trail in Forest Park and in so doing, raise money to help support the restoration and protection of the beloved Forest Park.  We’re making a little competition out of it: each shop is putting together a team and we’re gonna compete to see which location can raise the most money! 

Shandy // Photo by Christine Herman-Russell

Forest Park is not only beautiful, it also plays a critical role in maintaining the Portland region’s ecological health by cleaning our air and water, and providing habitat for hundreds of species of plants and animals. It  is also threatened by invasive species that are killing the trees and preventing new ones from growing. The Forest Park Conservancy  partners with Portland Parks & Rec to fight these threats. The money we raise by participating in the All Trails Challenge will help in the threat fighting efforts. 

Wanna know how well we’re doing? Check out our team pages here or stop in to your favorite Case Study Coffee location and check out the map to see how your team is doing on completing the 80 miles.

Which shop do you think will raise the most money? Who will hike the most miles? Which employee will bring in the most donations? At the end of the Challenge, we will have a participation party for hikers, bikers, and supporters. Details to come!

Here are a few ways that you can support us:
- Donate to one of our teams online
- Pick an individual crew member to sponsor
- Buy a bag of Forest Park Blend
- Cash Donation at any of the shops
- Take the All Trails Challenge with us
- Tell your friends!

We want to help conserve the beautiful Forest Park as well as have a great summer together! The All Trails Challenge goes through September 24. Come hike with us!

Case Study Coffee Crew // Photo By Shaylee King

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