Summer Specials

Summer Specials // Photo by Rachel Emery

Here we are in what feels like the middle of summer though we are technically only a few weeks in. We’re trying to keep cool by sipping on cold beverages and playing in the river. Each of our summer specials are iced, well, because summer. 

Cascara Soda // Photo by Liza Powers

Cascara Soda // Photo by Liza Powers

Cascara Soda

After trying the Cascara Soda next to a Cascara iced tea, we decided to stick with the Cascara Soda we had as part of the Spring Specials. Like so many of you, we have fallen in love with how delicious and refreshing it is: the perfect afternoon drink.

Orange Blossom Latte // Photo by Rachel Emery

Iced Orange Blossom Latte 

Christine first got familiar with Orange Blossom Water while baking Moroccan pastries and knew that she eventually wanted to integrate it into a coffee beverage in some way. In the past, she had tried adding a touch of Angostura bitters and a little simple syrup to a latte. It elevated the drink in a way that was hard to pinpoint, but so tasty. Combining the two ingredients really rounded each other out and made a harmonious experience that really sings when mixed with coffee. It’s hard to tell where the bitters and orange blossom begin and the coffee ends. It’s such a tasty and refreshing cold drink. 

Lavender Cold Brew // Photo by Elise Hulce

Lavender Infused Cold Brew

When cupping Ethiopian Aroresa coffee, Christine was reminded of a pecan bar recipe she makes that includes dried apricots, lavender shortbread, white chocolate and is topped with a nice candied pecan layer. In the Aroresa there were notes of stone fruit sweetness with a distinct lavender floral quality.  When put through the ice-brew process, the peach and lavender characteristics really took the stage. It seemed fitting to highlight the floral aspect that was already a part of such a beautiful coffee. We add a touch of concentrated lavender tea to an enticing glass of ice-brewed Aroresa coffee and get the makings of a satisfying drink that’s tough to stop sipping. 

Pollinating // Photo by Liza Powers

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