Case Study Brew Guide: The Kalita Wave

From the farm to the shop, specialty coffee is carefully grown, processed, roasted, and cared for. It’s come this far! Why not make sure you’re getting the most out of your cup of coffee?
There are many ways to brew coffee at home. The most common being: Chemex, Pour Over, Aeropress, and French Press. At Case Study, we prefer the Kalita Wave, a flat-bottom form of Pour Over brew.
Many factors influence a well-brewed up of coffee! Aside from the quality of the beans themselves, it’s important to have the appropriate grind, water temperature, and timing. There are many recipes to brew a great cup!
Below is a video for our preferred recipe, taught by one of our baristas here at Case Study Coffee! 
Want more?
These written guides will be available soon in our shops with the purchase of a Kalita Wave or your preferred coffee beans: 

-written by: Eirinn Gragson

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