Espresso Catering

Written by Wes Russell



Why Catering?

When Christine and I started espresso catering back in 2006, there were a few great coffee shops in portland, but not many people were getting out and discovering these amazing coffee experiences in their own backyard. Christine and I thought we would up the Portland coffee ante and create a mobile service that would provide an amazing coffee experience for anyone in Portland, at their location. We bought the absolute best equipment, often the same exact gear the top shops were using and hit the road.

With our newly built stainless and teak carts, we set out to bring coffee to events at Nike, Flir, Precision Castparts, The Art Institute and many others. The thrill of serving specialty coffee to people who have often never tasted true artisan coffees was inspirational for us. Although we didn’t plan on opening a coffeehouse when we started catering, our passion for sharing this high quality coffee experience inspired us to create Case Study Coffee.

We have continued to book our services as Espresso Arts Catering for the last seven years, and have had tremendous opportunities to hone our offerings. At Case Study, we roast all our own coffees as well as house make all our syrups and sauces. Case Study supplies all the products that we cater and we are super excited to share that Espresso Arts Catering has now become Case Study Coffee Catering.

With almost ten years experience catering and now offering all of Case Study’s handmade products, Case Study Coffee Catering is ready to serve amazing coffees at your next event. Look for our coffee service at Nicky Meat’s Wild about Game on Mt Hood! Give us a call or email with questions or to schedule your next event.


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