Taste the Best of México

Written by Liza Powers

This past spring I went on an origin trip to México . It was my first ever opportunity to source coffees for Case Study Coffee Roasters. More than anything else, this origin trip was another experience in which my perceptions of coffee were changed.

I used to think of coffee as being dark, rich, and roasty tasting. Sure, there were also notes of caramelized sugars or chocolate undertones, but in general, coffee seemed to have one basic flavor profile.

I remember the first time I drank a naturally processed Ethiopian coffee. At the time I had no real idea what that even meant, but I was like WOW. The fruit notes, the red-wine tannins, the sheer juiciness of the mouthfeel: I had never encountered anything like that before. It was so unexpected. It was amazing.

I remember telling Christine, the roaster and co-owner of Case Study Coffee, that I definitely did not like Kenyan coffees. And then she turned my palate on its head when she roasted a voluptuous Chania Estate. Prior to that coffee, I had never experienced the dark fruit sweetness and the lush garden vegetal vegetal complexity of a spectacular Kenya.

Those are just two examples of coffee experiences that have changed the way I think.

Now it's my turn to introduce to you the two newest offerings in the Case Study Coffee Roasters line-up: the Grapos El Porvenir and the Santa Lucia Teotepec. I believe that they may change the way that you think about Mexican coffees. I know they did for me.

If you frequent our shops, you will likely have encountered these two coffees since their debut last weekend at all three of our locations. It is with tremendous excitement and personal pride that I am able to say that these two coffees are really, really special to me.

I hope that all of you will come experience and enjoy these coffees with me on Tuesday night October 6th. With the help of Dylan, our Alberta shop manager, I will be hosting an evening of conversation and coffee exploration at 1422 NE Alberta Street. Doors open at 6:30pm. Come taste these amazing coffees and learn about how they came to be in our shops.


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