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Case Study Coffee Crew: James Niewinski

There's something holding our Sandy store together, something more than wood and tile and plumbing, something less easy to define. That something is James. Now, let's not discount all the folks who built and sustain the neighborhood culture at 5347 NE Sandy: from daily baristas and shift leads like Jessica, Aaron, Marayah, and several others to regular and sporadic customers, our culture is a web woven from relationships. But in the center of this tapestry, with a sharp eye for details, is James Niewinski, store manager. Born in a suburb of Detroit, James moved to Portland in 2010 because, as he says, "Other people had a mountain in their backyard. I didn't see why I couldn't too!" Formerly a casual...

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Welcome to Case Study Coffee Alberta

Welcome, friends! We are thrilled to welcome you to our new space at 1422 NE Alberta. Finally,  the build-out is done and we are serving up great things from our brand-new custom laser-etched Synesso Hydra espresso machine. Here are a few highlights of the space, which was designed by our co-owner Wes Russell and executed by all of us. The Caffeine Molecule Yep. That's right. Our custom chandelier is a 12-foot caffeine molecule. We draw from Cold War-era design when we create our Sputnik chandeliers, but this one is extra special. The Rowland 40/4 chairs Some of the most comfortable chairs you'll ever plant yourself in. Designed in 1963 by famed American designer David Rowland, these chairs will stack 40...

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