Burundi Buhorwa Bukeye

Burundi Buhorwa Bukeye

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Marshmallow, Citrus, Peach, Black Tea

Region: Murimvya Province, Burundi

Producers: 610 small producers, Buhorwa Washing Station

Variety: Bourbon, Jackson Bournon

Process: Washed

When Burundi opened up the coffee sector to private investment the government put all of their nearly 200 washing stations on the market. The Sogestals - regional cooperatives who manage these washing stations - purchased several for themselves.  One of these is Buhorwa, one of the country’s highest altitude washing stations.  Each season our in country partners cup through dozens of daily and weekly lots from each collection center.  What is brought in represents the best batches from each harvest.  This leads to lot selections based on harvest timing and cup, instead of altitude or geography.