Ethiopia Dur Feres

Ethiopia Dur Feres

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Strawberry rhubarb pie, huckleberry jam, cherry cordial

Region: Sidama Zone, Bensa District

Producer: multiple smallholder producers

Varietal: Heirloom varietals

Process: Natural

Our importers flagship community lot, Dur Feres, is a carefully composed in-country blend designed to possess the best traits of an Ethiopian natural process coffee.  Fruit-forward with a syrupy sweetness, this coffee’s flavor profile and name are inspired by nostalgia for the eye opening work of Mohamed Ogsady and other curated pre-ECX multiple lot blends. The name Dur Feres translates to “Wild Horse” from the local Amharic language, and pays homage to Ogasady’s famous Harrar Horse label.  With its tasting notes of strawberry rhubarb pie, huckleberry syrup, cherry cordial, this cup offers an array of confectionary characteristics that we admire and enjoy in an Ethiopian natural coffee.  

Sourced from the same families and communities that our importer finds its highest quality lots, Dur Feres, enjoys the same traceability and is organic certified.