Ethiopia Sedaqa Olonso

Ethiopia Sedaqa Olonso

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Papaya, Jasmine Blossom, Guava, juicy

Region: Bona Zuria, Sidama

Producers: 400+ small producers 

Variety: Zipa

Process: Washed

400+ smallholder producers from the surrounding communities (kebeles) of  Olonso Qeka, Olonso Hore, Bahire Dalo and Sedaqa bring their ripe cherries to the  Sedaqa Olonso washing station. As is true in most parts of Ethiopian, their farms are small, ranging from backyard “garden” coffee to an average of 2.75 hectares. Coffee is  a cash crop, and though often a grower may produce only 2 or 3 bags per year, sale of  their cherries enables them to improve their quality of life, send their children to school  and purchase necessities. Having a washing station within the area means that they do  not have to trek so far with their cherries, which besides being much more convenient  and efficient, enables the cherries to reach the station while still at their peak of  freshness.