Colombia Patio Bonito

Colombia Patio Bonito

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Guava, Rainier cherry, simple syrup


Region: Municipio de Caldono, Cauca Department, Colombia

Producer: Carlos Trujillo

Varietal: Castillo Tambo

Process: Washed

With thousands of coffee plants scattered among equally numerous guava trees, the fruit-soaked earth of Patio Bonito offers up a textbook example of a soil’s effect on influencing coffee flavor. Owner Carlos Trujillo’s philosophies of promoting food security and soil conservation fuel a perpetual drive for greater coffee quality in conjunction with greater quality of life for the community around him. And his convictions are irresistible, with many local farms adopting Patio Bonito’s principles and bettering their own coffees through the Trujillo family’s agricultural education programs. Their mission statement sums everything up nicely: “The best legacy we can leave to our children is: love, knowledge, and a planet in which to live.”