Costa Rica Finca Chispita Honey SL-28

Costa Rica Finca Chispita Honey SL-28

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Orange marmalade, black currant, burnt sugar

Region: Lourdes de Naranjo, Costa Rica

Producer: Carlos Barrantes

Varietal: SL-28

Process: Yellow Honey

Carlos Barrantes, owner of the famed micromill La Perla del Cafe and Finca Chispita, the winning farm of the 2015 Cup of Excellence (Costa Rica), is the first producer to import the SL-28 coffee variety to Costa Rica. SL-28 is best recognized as a Kenyan variety, and many of its traditional flavor notes (bright fruits and lively acidities) are responsible for Kenyan coffee's international esteem. Carlos's attention to detail and sense of innovation have become motivators for the Costa Rican coffee industry, and his work continues to improve the country's coffee quality year after year.