Deviation Blend Special Edition: Don Pepe Micromill

Deviation Blend Special Edition: Don Pepe Micromill

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Grape candy, melon, milk chocolate

Current Components: Don Pepe Micromill (Both washed and natural)

Farm: Finca Trinidad

Process: Washed and Natural

The Don Pepe micromill is nestled within the San Isidro de Leon Cortes mircroregion in Costa Rica. Don Cesar Ureña owns and operates the micromill, and his management style emphasizes partnering with quality-minded farms. This philosophy includes a regimented picking policy that harvests only coffee cherries at their absolute peak quality. We have chosen to blend both washed and naturally processed coffees from Don Pepe to showcase the “best of both worlds” of the spectacular work Don Cesar is producing. We taste fruity, sweet, candy-like flavors.