Honduras Armando Ventura

Honduras Armando Ventura

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Vanilla, graham, lemon curd

Region: Santa Elena, La Paz, Honduras

Producer: Armando Ventura

Varietal: Catuai

Process: Washed

Grown in the high, cooler mountains of Santa Elena, this coffee comes to us from Armando Ventura's farm, El Guachipilin. Armando belongs to the Catracha Coffee Company, a sourcing group in Honduras that promotes monthly agro-education seminars for farmers with the goal of raising coffee quality and promoting better agricultural processes. The Catracha Coffee Company also provides small wet-mills for member farmers, granting them a greater degree of independence and economic empowerment. This microlot from Armando's four acre farm is a real crowdpleaser, with round, sweet notes of vanilla, graham, and the smallest hint of lemon curd.