Costa Rica Las Lajas Alma Negra

Costa Rica Las Lajas Alma Negra

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Black currant, hazelnut, port

Region: Sabanilla de Alajuela, Central Valley, Costa Rica

Producer: Oscar and Francisca Chacon

Variety: Caturra and Catuai

Process: Natural

Case Study Coffee is once again proud to present the Las Lajas Project. Third generation producers Francisca and Oscar Chacon operate the Las Lajas micromill in Costa Rica’s Central Valley. All of their lots are strictly organic and processed in accordance with varying weather patterns, and these differences in processing lend unique characteristics to each offering. Though they are effectively the same crop from the same valley, each Las Lajas offering is so unique that we consider each an excellent and distinct coffee.

Once Alma Negra lot is harvested, the whole coffee cherries are moved immediately to raised beds to dry. It is turned infrequently throughout the day. This lesser degree of agitation exposes the lot to less light, thus drying the lot at a slower pace. Alma Negra is more deeply rich than traditional naturals due to the long exposure period between the beans and the fruit. We taste rich, complex, wine-like flavors.