Behind the Scenes: Slow It Down

Making great espresso drinks is more than just a service, it is an art that takes continual practice. There are many steps that go into making beautiful drinks, from pulling delicious shots of espresso to steaming and pouring smooth milk. The skill of pouring latte art is one that many baristas have practiced to the point of making it look quite easy.

We take pride not only in the way our coffee tastes, but also in how it is presented. And when it comes to espresso and steamed milk, that presentation revolves around latte art. Latte art not only looks amazing, but when done correctly, ensures that our drinks have great silky smooth texture. We love latte art because it is a constant area to better our skills as baristas, it is a fun way to push each other to be better, and over time each barista develops a certain style, like that of our own handwriting.

This awesome slow motion video helps to show some of the skill and control that goes into these wonderful drinks. As I’m sure you have seen, pouring drinks is a fairly quick process, however it is also very intentional. While pouring, Marayah was not only paying attention to the design that was forming on the top of this cappuccino, but she was also making sure she did not overflow the cup. This beautiful three-tiered tulip is one of many free pour designs that are possible. Next time you are in for a drink, feel free to linger by the bar and watch the barista pour your drink. We are truly coffee geeks and love sharing our knowledge and passion with our customers!

Video by Wes Russel           //         Wide Eyes by Local Natives

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