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We're Turning 5 on Sunday!

On June 14, 2010, Case Study Coffee was born. But the story actually begins before that.  In 1999, Christine and Wes were pursuing their own work fields when specialty coffee as we know it was starting in Portland. Christine was pursuing her culinary passion of all things food and drink and Wes was involved various tech-related endeavors. They lived close to the original Stumptown at the time and quickly became regulars. Wes began experimenting with making coffee at home, tinkering with customizing machines and perfecting the art of making espresso at home. They knew they wanted to start a business together and thought that coffee would be the perfect mashup of their interests and skills. Christine could pursue her interest...

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Behind the Scenes: Slow It Down

Making great espresso drinks is more than just a service, it is an art that takes continual practice. There are many steps that go into making beautiful drinks, from pulling delicious shots of espresso to steaming and pouring smooth milk. The skill of pouring latte art is one that many baristas have practiced to the point of making it look quite easy. We take pride not only in the way our coffee tastes, but also in how it is presented. And when it comes to espresso and steamed milk, that presentation revolves around latte art. Latte art not only looks amazing, but when done correctly, ensures that our drinks have great silky smooth texture. We love latte art because it is a constant area...

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Behind the Scenes: Winter Decorations

Who knew that tree climbing, aerial gymnastics, and an athlete's stamina would be necessary to pull off decorating our three shops in three nights? Determined this year to coordinate a multi-shop seasonal change, we started planning months ago. This, friends, is the face of a winter wonderland in the making. Emily is not ashamed to admit she's enamored of the season. Comes from growing up in a Victorian house and singing Christmas carols around the wood fire every holiday. Turns out, Christine is our resident bow-tying expert. She certainly tied upwards of a hundred bows. It didn't help that our scissors snapped partway through--but we are nothing if not resourceful. Shandy helped. Credit for much of the hard work goes...

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