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We're Turning 5 on Sunday!

On June 14, 2010, Case Study Coffee was born. But the story actually begins before that.  In 1999, Christine and Wes were pursuing their own work fields when specialty coffee as we know it was starting in Portland. Christine was pursuing her culinary passion of all things food and drink and Wes was involved various tech-related endeavors. They lived close to the original Stumptown at the time and quickly became regulars. Wes began experimenting with making coffee at home, tinkering with customizing machines and perfecting the art of making espresso at home. They knew they wanted to start a business together and thought that coffee would be the perfect mashup of their interests and skills. Christine could pursue her interest...

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Brew It: Aeropress

In 2005 at the Seattle Coffee Fest, Aerobie debuted an odd looking coffee brewing device, an interesting item for the toy company to put on the market. The invention of this plastic device was prompted by a simple question that came up around the company dinner table one night: "What do you do when you want just one cup of coffee?" This intrigued Alan Adler (inventor of the Aerobie throwing disc) and his mind immediately got to thinking on it. He found that the coffee industry leaned toward pour overs for single cup brewing methods, but these devices require such precision and patience in order attain a consistently good cup.  By combining air pressure and a short immersion time, Adler created...

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Brew It: Our Switch to the Kalita Wave

One of the best ways to really get to know a coffee is to manually brew a single cup by itself. Pour overs are a great way to do this. We have always offered manual brew options, with the pour over made in a Hario V60 being the main method. Recently, we switched to serving the Kalita Wave as our primary manual brew option in all three of our shops. While we still like the clarity of a cup of coffee that the V60 brews, we have fallen in love with the thick body the Wave produces. Brewing a V60 The Hario V60 gives you a nice clean cup of coffee.  When brewed properly, you get the delicate flavor profile that has...

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