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We're Turning 5 on Sunday!

On June 14, 2010, Case Study Coffee was born. But the story actually begins before that.  In 1999, Christine and Wes were pursuing their own work fields when specialty coffee as we know it was starting in Portland. Christine was pursuing her culinary passion of all things food and drink and Wes was involved various tech-related endeavors. They lived close to the original Stumptown at the time and quickly became regulars. Wes began experimenting with making coffee at home, tinkering with customizing machines and perfecting the art of making espresso at home. They knew they wanted to start a business together and thought that coffee would be the perfect mashup of their interests and skills. Christine could pursue her interest...

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Catering Chronicles: Wild About Game, 2014

For us at Case Study, Nicky USA's Wild About Game event is a huge highlight on our catering calendar. Initially conceived as a small thank you from the folks at Nicky Farms for the chefs and vendors they worked with, it's grown into a premier competition, with chefs from eateries like Ned Ludd and Matt's in the Market winning categories like "Squab", "Protein", and "Elk". The venue is Timberline Lodge's Wy'East Lodge, and the setting the breathtaking view from the peak of Mount Hood. The time was early autumn. Liza, Eli, Chris, and Wes brought one of our La Marzocco GS3 espresso machines, some Yama cold brew towers, LOTS of our famous cold brew, and Kalita Wave pour over cones. Eli says, "For me the biggest memorable...

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